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Medical Articles

Indications For Esophagoscopy In Disease

Any persistent abnormal sensation or disturbance of function...

Care Of The Nails

Importance of Clean Nails. On account of their constant use, ...


One of the most notorious charlatans of the eighteenth centur...


Some things regarding this useful fruit require to be noted by...

Secondary Eliminations Are Disease

However the exact form the chain from irritation or malnutrit...

How To Conquer Consumption

Different Forms of Tuberculosis. The terrible disease tubercu...

Other Forms Of Rest

DO you hold yourself on the chair, or does the chair ...


This term is applied so loosely and so indiscriminately to al...


Though often but slight, disappearing in a few minutes by some ...

Muscular Pains

These pains occur usually when a patient has been for some tim...

Removal Of Foreign Bodies From The Larynx

Symptoms and Diagnosis.--The history of a sudden choking atta...

Instructions To The Patient

Before beginning endoscopy the patient should be told that h...

The Heart

Structure and Action of the Heart. Now what is it that keeps ...


Many of the troubles which come in this process arise simply f...

The Throat Should Be Covered With A Wet Compress I E A Piece Of

linen four to eightfold, according to its original thickness, d...

Colds Consumption And Pneumonia

Disease Germs. In all foul air there are scores of different ...

Essentials Of A Successful, Safe Fast

1. Fast in a bright airy room, with exceptionally good ventil...

Eyes Spots On

These spots are of two different kinds, and yet they are very ...

Ankle Swelling

When long continued in connection with disease or accident, th...

Scarlatina Simplex Or Simple Scarlet-fever

In the _mildest form_ of the disease, called _scarlatina simp...

Fever Typhoid

Source: Papers On Health

Treat as under Fever, Gastric, and Fever. In addition,
great care should be taken to disinfect and destroy any stools, and
especially to prevent these getting into any drinking water.

Keep the patient at rest in bed.

No solid food should be given during the whole course of the illness.
Milk mixed with an equal quantity of boiling water is best. Give only a
wineglassful at a time, as often as the patient can take it. If the
patient craves solid food, it must on no account be given. It is
almost certain to cause a relapse.

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