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Symptomatology And Diagnosis Of Foreign Bodies In The Air And Food Passages

Initial symptoms are choking, gagging, coughing, and wheezing...

Colic Of Whatever Kind

Use A D current, pretty strong force. In severe cases, introd...

Philosophy Of Disease And Cure

In every part of the animal economy, polar derangements in th...


Use the A D current, moderate force. Give general tonic treat...


is a specific when locally used for _Sycosis_, also for fungo...

Breath Hot

This may be felt either because the breath is actually hot, or...

Inflammation Of The Finger Case Xxxii

Miss B. aged 23, had a slight scratch on the inside of the in...

Of Whitlow

The lunar caustic is very useful in the treatment of this pai...

Tucker Forceps

Gabriel Tucker modified the regular side-curved forceps by a...

Diet Economy In

Dr. Hutchison, one of our greatest authorities on the subject ...

Fever Intermitting

For this the treatment may be given as in gastric fever, and, ...

Blood Pressure

The study of the blood pressure has become a subject of gre...

Ears Running

In this trouble there is indicated a failure somewhere of the ...


There is intense drowsiness and contraction of pupils of eye. ...

The Coal Foods

Kinds of Coal Foods. There are many different kinds of Coal...

Treatment Of Endocarditis

As mild endocarditis rarely occurs primarily but is almost al...


This frequent and severe trouble results most usually from chi...

Chloroform Or Ether (inhaled)

Fresh air. Pull tongue forward, and begin artificial respirati...

Our Spirit-levels

The Sixth Sense. Though we usually speak of having five sens...

Favorable Symptoms

are the following: Absence of internal inflammation; a bright...

Gangrene Of The Lung

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Pulmonary gangrene has been followed by
recovery after the endobronchial injection of oily solutions of
gomenol and guaiacol (Guisez). The injections are readily made through
the laryngoscope without the insertion of a bronchoscope. A silk woven
catheter may be used with an ordinary glass syringe or a long-nozzled
laryngeal syringe, or a bronchoscopic syringe may be used.

Lung-mapping by a roentgenogram taken promptly after the
bronchoscopic insufflation of bismuth subnitrate powder or the
injection of a suspension of bismuth in liquid petrolatum is advisable
in most cases of pulmonary abscess before beginning any kind of

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