Hair Coming Off

Sources: Papers On Health

There are many forms of this disfiguring trouble,

both in the case of young and old persons. It is chiefly due to a wrong

state of the skin of the head, which is best treated with careful

rubbing with vinegar or weak acetic acid, and finishing with good olive

oil. The acid must not be used too strong--not stronger than ordinary

vinegar. This may be done every evening, and should be rubbed on for

fifteen minutes, till a comfortable feeling is aroused. Dry the head,

and then rub on olive oil for five minutes. The vinegar should rather

be dabbed than rubbed on. Wash all over in the morning with M'Clinton's

soap. Or this treatment may be applied every other night, and on

alternate nights the head may be packed up with lather (see Head,

Soaping). This treatment is quite safe, and will usually effect a cure,

which is more than can be said of the expensive hair washes so much

advertised. Many of these are most dangerous. As far as possible go

with the head uncovered, and brush the hair frequently. Brushing

stimulates the grease glands, and causes the hair to become glossy.

Probably the reason men lose their hair so much more than women is that

the brushing and combing the latter must give it stimulates the hair

roots. Massaging the skin of the scalp with the fingers night and

morning will greatly promote growth of the hair. See Head, Massaging.