Hands Cold

Sources: Papers On Health

Much more than is readily believed depends on the state

of the hands and feet. We are already familiar with the subject of

coldness in the feet, but we meet with cases in which the coldness of

the hands is as striking. It is not readily thought that cold hands

have anything to do with such illness, for instance, as that of bad

action in the stomach. There are cases in which a very great deal can

be done to relieve a congested state of the vessels of the stomach, and

even a similar state of the lungs, by only bathing the hands in hot

water and then rubbing them with hot oil till they have been thoroughly

heated and reddened, as they are when effectually warmed.

Half-an-hour's bathing of hands in water just a little above blood heat

produces a wonderful effect on an invalid when there is too great

weakness to stand longer treatment. This is well known to be true of

half-an-hour's good feet bathing. In some cases bathing both of hands

and feet is much needed. The overburdened heart finds it a vast benefit

when by such a bathing the blood is allowed to flow easily through the

vessels of the feet and hands.