Head Skin Of The

Sources: Papers On Health

The nerves of sensibility are very largely supplied

to the skin of the head, and many large nerves pass under it. It is

therefore an important matter that it be kept in a right condition. In

various troubles it becomes hard and dry, and even contracts and

presses very painfully upon the head, feeling as if it were dried

parchment. The pain thus caused is different from neuralgia, and cannot

be relieved by cooling, but is easily cured by soaping the head (see

Head, Soaping). This may be done every night, and the head tied up with

the soap lather until morning. It may then be sponged, dried, and a

little hot olive oil rubbed into the skin. In a serious case, where the

patient is in bed, this treatment may be given night and morning.

Always, in treating such a head, be very gentle, for the least touch is

often painful to the irritated skin. The use of a pure and proper

pomade, such as some preparation of vaseline, is of importance where

the skin is dry, and tends powerfully to preserve the skin and hair in

healthy condition.

Careful brushing of the hair, and rubbing of the skin of the scalp

will, too, be of use. See Hair.