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Nervous Attacks

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Fever Hay

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Symptomatology And Diagnosis Of Foreign Bodies In The Air And Food Passages

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Acute Diarrhea

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Children's Nerves

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The Heart

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Acquiring Skill

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Head Sounds In

Source: Papers On Health

As the result and accompaniment of deafness these are
sometimes most distressing, even preventing the patient from sleeping.
They are often caused by chill producing some inflammation of the ear,
and stoppage of the internal or external air passages. Have a large
FOMENTATION (see) carefully packed round the whole head. If properly
done, the patient will be comfortable in it for an hour. The
fomentation must then be taken off, the head rubbed quite dry, and a
warm covering put on. Do this before bedtime for three or four nights.
Then desist for three nights. After this place a hot BRAN POULTICE
(see) on the back of the head, neck, and spine, so that the patient
can lie comfortably upon it for an hour. Oil before and after with
olive oil. Give this at bedtime for three or four nights, and rest
again for three or four days more. Avoid exposure during this
treatment. It is suitable for all cases of ear trouble through chill.

It will be specially important to see that the feet are comfortable,
and that health generally is looked to. See Ears; Hearing.

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