Heat Internal

Sources: Papers On Health

There is a usual (normal) temperature in all the blood

and tissues of the body. If the body be either warmer or colder than

this point (98.4 deg. Fahr.), its health is interfered with. A

"clinical thermometer" is used to ascertain whether the bodily

temperature is normal or not. It is to be had at every druggist's, and

is of great importance in a household. By its means the rise of

temperature can be detected often before any serious symptoms set in,

and due means taken to check trouble in its early stages. The

instrument is used by putting it under the armpit, or, with children,

between the legs, so that the mercury bulb is entirely enfolded and

hidden between the arm, or leg, and the body. Left in this position for

five minutes, it is taken out and read. It may also be held in the

mouth, under the tongue, with lips close on it.

Where a good deal of fever is shown, as by a rising of the mercury to

101 deg., measures to reduce it should at once be taken, as shown in

the articles on various kinds of Fever. By watching the temperature,

and taking it from time to time, we can see when cooling is sufficient.