Sources: Papers On Health

This trouble we may consider in three ways:--First, as

the effect of overstrain in using the voice; in this case rest must be

taken from speaking or other such work. Remedies which restore the

voice without rest are very likely to do permanent injury. For

application to the throat, use vinegar or weak ACETIC ACID (see) of

such strength as to cause just slight smarting of the throat when

applied as a gargle, or with a proper brush, such as any chemist will

supply. This may be done frequently, and, together with rest, will

rarely fail to cure. Rubbing the throat externally with acetic acid of

full strength until a rash appears is often very helpful. Those engaged

in public speaking would do well, especially in youth, to cultivate the

habit of correct breathing (see Breathing, Correct Method of).

Articulation should be clear, and the words formed sonorously, and from

the stomach, as it were. This, indeed, will apply to everyone. Such a

method of producing the voice will not only be harmonious, but will

exercise insensibly a beneficial influence on the nervous system and

mental tone of the individual.

It is a fact that actors who study the method of voice production do

not suffer from that form of sore throat known as clergymen's sore

throat, simply because they have learned to produce their voice in this


Secondly, hoarseness may arise from exposure to cold, damp air. In this

case it is best to apply mild heat to the roots of the nerves which

supply the voice organs. This is best done by applying a bran poultice

to the back of the neck, oiling before and after with olive oil.

Carefully dry the skin, and wear a piece of new flannel, for a time,

over the part poulticed. This may be supplemented by brushing as above

with the vinegar.

Thirdly, failure of skin action, or of the proper action of other

waste-removing organs, may be the cause of hoarseness. In addition to

the treatment recommended above, we must in this case stimulate the

skin: this is best done by rubbing with Cayenne "Tea" (see) all over

the body at bedtime. Let this be done for four or five nights, and the

throat treatment be given in the morning, when a cure may be looked

for. See Underwear.