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The Central Point Of The Circuit

The central point of the circuit--that point which divides be...


The regular bronchoscope is a hollow brass tube slanted at i...

Neck Twisted

This arises from the undue contraction of some of the muscles ...

Flushings Hot

These are often a really serious trouble, especially to women,...

The Esophagus

A few of the anatomical details must be kept especially in mi...

Our Spirit-levels

The Sixth Sense. Though we usually speak of having five sens...

Methods Of Treatment

Irritating applications probably provoke recurrences, becaus...


The first sign of such an illness is a brief and slight attack...

Indications For Strychnin

Strychnin is a much overused drug. It is now given for almost...

From The Hygienic Dictionary

Vitamins. [1] The staple foods may not contain the same nutr...

Rules For Direct Laryngoscopy

1. The laryngoscope must always be held in the left hand, nev...

Changing Treatment

To wisely alter and arrange the treatment in any case is of th...

Do Not Hurry

HOW can any one do anything well while in a constant ...

Children's Nerves

The nervous system of children is often damaged by shock or fr...

Unsuccessful Bronchoscopy For Foreign Bodies

The limitations of bronchoscopic removal of foreign bodies ar...

Interpretation Of Tracings

The interpretation of the arterial tracing shows that the nea...

Croup Less Serious Form

The less serious croup proceeds from a nervous closing of the ...


See Consumption. ...

Oil Olive

A little oil only should be applied to the skin at once. Any s...


There are cases in which the outer skin has been taken off by ...

Hooping Cough

Source: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

According to my experience, though this disease may not be entirely
arrested in its course, and not generally much abridged in its duration,
still the use of appropriate medicines will greatly modify it, and
render it a comparatively trifling affection.

In treatment, give at the commencement of the attack _Bell._ and _Phos.
acid_ alternately every twelve hours for a week, then once in six hours,
and if the child should take cold so as to bring on fever, give one
every hour. Continue these, as above directed, for the first two or
three weeks, then, in their stead, after the cough becomes loose, and
the patient vomits easily, give _Copaiva and Ipecac_ in the same manner
as directed, for the two former remedies.

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