Importance Of Noting The Central Point

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

From the above observations, it will be plain that, when we wish to

bring a diseased organ under the influence of the positive pole, we

must carefully place our electrodes so that none of the organ, or none

of the diseased part of it, shall appear on the positive[B] side of the

central point of the circuit; it being understood that the current

moves as nearly in direct lines as the best conducting medium will

admit. Or again, if it be desired to bring a diseased organ, or any

extended part of it, under the influence of the negative pole, we must

first calculate in placing our electrodes about where the central point

will come, and then so apply them that no part of the lesion or disease

shall appear on the negative[B] side of the central point; otherwise so

much of it as lies on that side will come under the force of the wrong

pole, and thus be affected in a way the opposite of what was intended.

The characteristic influence of each pole is felt throughout its own

half of the circuit.