Inflamed Eyes

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If the disease be recent and acute, (but not infectious), as from sewing

or reading by lamp light or other irritation, take the C D current, of

moderate force. Treat with the eye-bath, filled with tepid water, having

the eye open in the water. Make the bath the P. P., and place the N. P.

on the spine at the upper dorsal vertebra. Treat each eye three minutes


If the disease be acute and infectious, use the A C current some four

to six times, and then change to A D. Apply the current as directed


If the disease be chronic, or the lids granulated, treat with A D, very

mild current, applying the eye-bath, N. P., to the eyes, and place the

P. P. upon the spine, at the top of the back. Treat each eye three to

five minutes three times a week.

In cases of simple inflammation, (not infectious), and that chiefly or

entirely in the lids, it is often quite as well or better to treat over

the closed lids with the finger, holding the sponge-roll P. P. in the

same hand.