Inflammation Deep-seated

Sources: Papers On Health

Often inflammation occurs in the centre of,

or beneath, a mass of muscle, as the hip or thigh. We refer not to the

formation of an ABSCESS (see), but to the violent, hot inflammatory

action that often issues in an abscess. For this the treatment should

be strong moist heat applied to the back, where the nerve roots of

the inflamed part lie, and persistent cooling of the part which is

painful. The heat may be by bran poultice, fomentation, or hot-water

bag and moist flannel. The cold must not be ice, but only cold water

cloths frequently renewed.

It is curious to see how people are frightened at the only thing that

gives relief, and not at all at that which does the most damage. A

gentleman wrote us once that he had had eighteen blisters on, but was

afraid to apply a cold cloth. We wrote him that if he still lived after

eighteen fly blisters, he would surely not die under a cold cloth. They

will say they have tried so many things. We reply, that if they had

tried a million wrong things, and shrunk from the right one, they would

be only so much the worse.

If there is local swelling, and signs that an abscess is forming, then

treat as recommended for Abscess.