Inflammation Of The Bowels - Enteritis

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This consists in inflammation of the muscular and peritoneal coats of

the intestines, sometimes also involving the mucous coat.

The pain in the abdomen is constant, intense and burning in its

character, felt most at the navel; the abdomen is extremely tender to

pressure, and often bloated or tympanetic.

Thirst is intense, but cold drinks distress and vomit the patient. The

pulse is small, feeble and frequent, and the bowels costive. This is a

very dangerous disease. It is sometimes connected with inflammation of

the stomach, then called gastro-enteritis. The tongue is then red and

pointed, the nausea and vomiting are more violent and constant, the

thirst burning and insatiable.


The same medicines are applicable to both _Gastritis_ and _Enteritis_.

_Aconite_, _Arsenicum_ and _Baptisia_ should be used one following the

other every half hour until the symptoms begin to subside, then let the

intervals be lengthened.

In addition to these remedies, I allow the patient to drink often and

freely of hot water, as hot as can be swallowed, and though it is at

first almost instantly rejected by the stomach, by repeating it in a few

minutes in moderate quantities, it gives relief and will soon so allay

the irritation as to remain. In some cases the vomiting is severe, the

bowels are loose, and pain burning. For such, _Tart. Emet._ is the

proper remedy. Cold drinks should not be taken.

Cloths wet in cold water, ice water if it is at hand, and wrung out so

as not to drip, should be laid over the whole abdomen and instantly

covered with two or three thicknesses of warm dry flannel, and the

patient's feet kept warm. This may be considered harsh treatment, but

there is no danger in it; on the contrary I have, in the worst and most

alarming cases of _gastritis_ and _peritonitis_, made such applications,

and in less than an hour have seen my patient easy and beginning to

perspire freely, all danger having passed. It always affords more or

less relief and is never attended with danger. Covering the wet cloths

immediately with plenty of dry ones is very essential.

After the acute inflammation has subsided, it is well to have the bowels

moved, but don't give drastic cathartics. _Nux Vomica_ given at night

and repeated morning and noon, will generally serve to cause an

evacuation. Injections may be used.