Inflammation Of The Brain

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

_Brain Fever._

Though this affection is not strictly what is called "brain fever," it

is attended with more or less general fever, while in what is called

"Brain fever," there is great irritation of the brain, requiring in many

respects similar treatment. As the treatment proper for inflammation of

the brain, with some slight modifications in relation to the existing

fever, will be applicable to both, I shall treat of them under one head.

Some of the principal symptoms are delirium and drowsiness, fullness of

the blood vessels of the head, beating of the temporal arteries, redness

and fullness of the face, the pupils dilated, (though in the very early

stage they may be contracted.) If the membranes of the brain be the seat

of the disease, the pain is more intense, and frequently the limbs are

in a palsied state. The patient sometimes vomits immoderately, and the

pulse is slow and irregular, but full. The breathing becomes stertorous.

The fever is very considerable, and the head hot.


_Aconite_, _Belladonna_ and _Bryonia_ should be given in rotation, one

dose every hour in a violent case, lengthening the intervals as the

symptoms abate. Applying _hot cloths_ to the head, removing them

occasionally to let the water evaporate, will greatly palliate and will

not in the least, interrupt the action of the medicines. Never apply

cold to the head of any person, when hot or inflamed, much less to that

of a child. Children are often killed by the application of ice to the

head, producing congestion and paralysis of the brain. Hot applications

are Homoeopathic to the state then existing, and always beneficial.

The feet may also be placed in hot water, but children should never be

put into a hot or warm bath when sick, so as to cover more than the

lower extremities.