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Medical Articles

Breast Cancer

I have worked with many young women with breast cancer; so ma...


Janeway [Footnote: Janeway, T. C.: A Clinical Study of Hypert...

The Esophagus

A few of the anatomical details must be kept especially in mi...

Club Foot

Children are not unfrequently born with this deformity in one ...


See Consumption. ...


Nothing is more required in healing than properly to nourish t...

Acute Stenosis Of The Larynx

Etiology.--Causes of a relatively sudden narrowing of the lum...


It has long been known that altitude increases the heart rate...

Sick Headache

See Headache. ...

About Faces

WATCH the faces as you walk along the street! If you ...

Nerve Centres Failing

Many diseases flow from this cause, but at present we only con...


is small pox modified by vaccination. It is to be treated as ...

Philosophy Of Disease And Cure

In every part of the animal economy, polar derangements in th...

The Frightening Heart

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death among North...


acts very beneficially when applied to the surface where ther...

Nephritis Inflammation Of Kidneys

1. Acute. If the urinary secretion be reddish and scant, with...

Headache Sick

The stomach and head affect each other powerfully, and a disor...


If pneumonia or gonorrhea is supposed to be the cause of the ...


IN climbing a mountain, if we know the path and take it as a ...

Auricular Fibrillation Treatment

The condition may be stopped by relieving the heart and circu...

Instructions To The Patient

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Before beginning endoscopy the
patient should be told that he will feel a very disagreeable pressure
on his neck and that he may feel as though he were about to choke. He
must be gently but positively made to understand (1) that while the
procedure is alarming, it is absolutely free from danger; (2) that you
know just how it feels; (3) that you will not allow his breath to be
shut off completely; (4) that he can help you and himself very much by
paying close attention to breathing deeply and regularly; (5) and that
he must not draw himself up rigidly as though walking on ice, but
must be easy and relaxed.

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