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Medical Articles

The Development Of Allergies

There are three ways a body can become allergic. (1) It can h...

Sore Nipples

This affection of nursing women frequently comes on before th...

Treating With Electrolytic Currents

For decomposing and carrying off unnatural growths, as fistul...

Flannel Bands

See Band, Flannel. ...

Chlorosis Green Sickness

This is a disease mostly or entirely peculiar to young women ...

On The Treatment By Eschar And Poultice

In many cases in which it is impossible to adopt either the m...

Nauheim Baths

At Nauheim, under the direction of Dr. Theodore Schott, baths...

Length Of Bath

Although the temperature, in sthenic cases, should be a littl...

Mustard Oil

Where this is recommended the cold-drawn oil is meant, not the...

Typhoid Fever

See Fever, Typhoid. ...


To understand the physiology, pathology and the best treatmen...

Oxygen Tank And Tracheotomy Instruments

Respiratory arrest may occur from shifting of a foreign body,...


Some have a predisposition to this most painful disease, and r...


Is applicable to inflamed eyes, in the early stage, where the...

Children's Nerves

The nervous system of children is often damaged by shock or fr...

Breath And Blood

Often difficulty of breathing, especially in close air, mistak...


Use the A D current, moderate force. Give general tonic treat...

Rupture And Trauma Of The Esophagus

These may be spontaneous or may ensue from the passage of an ...

Cold Settled

A cold is often easily overcome. At other times it "sits down,...

Bran Poultice

Get a sufficient quantity of good bran in an ordinary washhand...

Intermittent Fever Ague And Fever

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Use the A D current. First, give general tonic treatment. (See page
95.) Then close the sitting with a strong current, running from spleen
to liver--P. P. upon spleen, in the left side, just below the ribs, and
N. P. upon liver--best reached in the right side, close under the ribs,
and around backward and a little upward as far as to the spine. The
spleen is morbidly positive, and probably enlarged, while the liver is
too negative. Treat spleen and liver in this transverse manner about
five minutes.

If the chills occur on alternate days, treat on the intervening days; if
every day, treat about two hours before the chill is expected.

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