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Autodrownage is the name given by the author to the drowning...

The Frightening Heart

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death among North...


Why We Cook our Food. While some of all classes of food may...


In search of sleep men do many things both dangerous and fooli...

Our Relations With Others

EVERY one will admit that our relations to others sho...

Stokes Adams Treatment

The treatment of true Stokes-Adams disease is unsuccessful. I...

Our Spirit-levels

The Sixth Sense. Though we usually speak of having five sens...

Cicatricial Stenosis Of The Esophagus

Etiology.--The accidental swallowing of caustic alkali in sol...

Strabismus Discordance Of The Eyes

If neither of the rectus muscles have been cut and cicatrized...

Technic Of Laryngeal Operations

Preparation of the patient and anesthesia have been mentione...

The Coal Foods

Kinds of Coal Foods. There are many different kinds of Coal...

During And After Desquamation The Treatment Should Be Continued As

indicated in milder cases, except the throat continue troubleso...


5. Cardiac Emergency Drugs.--Besides some of the drugs alread...

Interpretation Of Tracings

The interpretation of the arterial tracing shows that the nea...


acts favorably on cancers, and is a specific when applied to ...

Blood Pressure

The study of the blood pressure has become a subject of gre...

Methods Of Treatment

Irritating applications probably provoke recurrences, becaus...

Brain Inflammation Of

This arises often from over-schooling of young boys and girls....

Mild Reaction Erethic

If the poison is not virulent, and the body of the patient in...


See Paralysis. ...

Length Of Bath

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Although the temperature, in sthenic cases, should be a little lower
than in erethic cases, it is not advisable to use the water very cold,
as this would cause too strong a reaction, and consequently new
excitement. The safer way is to let the temperature of the bath be
between 70 and 65 deg., according to the age and constitution of the patient
(the younger and more delicate the patient, the higher the temperature),
and to let him stay long enough in the bath to become perfectly cool all
over, which can be ascertained by placing the hand or the thermometer
under the arm-pits, which usually retain the warmth longest. I
understand, in advising such a temperate bath of several minutes,
duration, that the patient be hot and the rash standing out full and
bright on coming from the pack; or else the bath must be colder and
shorter, not exceeding a minute or two.

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