Length Of Bath

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Although the temperature, in sthenic cases, should be a little lower

than in erethic cases, it is not advisable to use the water very cold,

as this would cause too strong a reaction, and consequently new

excitement. The safer way is to let the temperature of the bath be

between 70 and 65 deg., according to the age and constitution of the patient

(the younger and more delicate the patient, the higher the temperature),

and to let him stay long enough in the bath to become perfectly cool all

over, which can be ascertained by placing the hand or the thermometer

under the arm-pits, which usually retain the warmth longest. I

understand, in advising such a temperate bath of several minutes,

duration, that the patient be hot and the rash standing out full and

bright on coming from the pack; or else the bath must be colder and

shorter, not exceeding a minute or two.