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Medical Articles


acts favorably on cancers, and is a specific when applied to ...

Version Of A Safety Pin

A safety pin of very small size may be turned over in a dire...

Lacing Tight

This produces such serious deformity, and in many ways so inte...

Enemas Cold Water

Prejudice often exists against cold treatment of any kind, but...

Inspection Of The Party Wall In Cases Of Suspected Laryngeal Malignancy

When taking a specimen the party wall should be inspected by...


It should be understood that especially in acute conditions...


An attack of this disease generally begins with a feeling of w...

Taking A Laryngeal Specimen For Diagnosis

The diagnosis of carcinoma, sarcoma, and some other conditio...


By this term we mean not only the sensible perspiration which ...

More Facts!

I have been treating several hundred cases of eruptive fevers...


Though often but slight, disappearing in a few minutes by some ...

Common Colds

Take the B D Faradaic current--moderate strength. If the affe...


We have had so much success in helping the deaf that we feel w...

About Faces

WATCH the faces as you walk along the street! If you ...

Theory Of Man

Let the question now be raised--What is man? The answer will ...

Errors To Avoid In Suspected Foreign Body Cases

1. Do not reach for the foreign body with the fingers, lest...


This disease consists in a looseness of the bowels, generally...

Weight Loss By Fasting

Loss of weight indicates, almost guarantees, that detoxificat...

Most Diseases Cure Themselves

If you ask any honest medical doctor how they cure diseases, ...


_Small-pox_, by far the most dangerous of them, has found a b...

Leucorrhea Whites

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take A D current, very mild force. Introduce the vaginal electrode, N.
P., until it meets the uterus, and manipulate with P. P. over the dorsal
vertebrae five to eight minutes, three times a week. Once or twice a
week, on the intervening days, give general tonic treatment. Omit
treatment altogether, for one or two weeks, once in two to three
months. Considerable time is often required for the cure of old cases.

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