Leucorrhoea And Prolapsus Uteri - Whites Female Weakness

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

The disease depends in all cases upon _inflammation_ of the uterus, or

vagina, or both.

The inflammation may be simply in the neck of the uterus extending to

the posterior surface of the vagina, or the latter may not be affected;

or it may extend to the whole internal surface of the uterus, producing

swelling of that organ, both the fundus and neck.

The swelling may be confined mostly to the fundus, causing it to be too

large for the space it ordinarily fills, hence there will be more or

less _displacement_ of the womb, and crowding upon other parts, as the

bladder or rectum. In some cases, the swelling is more on one side than

on the other, so that it will be crowded over to the opposite side.

These displacements are often called _prolapsus uteri_, or "_falling of

the womb_," carrying the idea that the difficulty depends upon a morbid

relaxation of the ligaments that support the organ. Not one case in a

hundred is of this latter character, but nearly, if not all, depend upon

the inflammation and swelling above mentioned. How futile then, not to

say _hurtful_, must be all instruments for, and all attempts at

replacing and supporting it by _force_! All such mechanical meddling is

injurious, and should, with all the "supporters," be condemned and


They may afford temporary relief, but this is at the expense of future

health. Cure the disease, relieve the inflammation, and nature will

replace the organ. Leucorrhoea is always present where there is

ulceration of the neck of the womb, and this ulcerated condition exists

to a greater or less extent, in many cases where it is not suspected by

the patient. It is vastly more prevalent than is generally supposed. The

_symptoms_ are numerous. Among the more prominent are a sense of weight

and bearing down in the pelvis, pains extending down the limbs, aching

and weakness of the small of the back, headache, more or less gastric

disturbance, dyspepsia, the food souring on the stomach. There is often,

especially when there are ulcers on the parts, a distressing sense of

heat or a smarting sensation. The menstrual function is frequently

deranged, the bowels costive, the urethra, by being pressed, becomes

irritable and burns and smarts whenever the urine is evacuated. The

sleep is disturbed and unrefreshing, and the whole nervous system is


The discharge from the diseased surfaces, in an ordinary case without

ulceration, is of a mucous or muco-purulent character, not unlike an

ordinary catarrhal secretion. When ulceration exists it is dark, fetid

or bloody, or sanious and purulent, sometimes it is acrid, excoriating

the parts.


Inflammation or ulceration, either acute or chronic, in these parts does

not differ essentially in its characteristics from the same affection in

other mucous surfaces.

The proper treatment for a catarrh of other mucous surfaces will be

applicable to these, though there is no doubt but that some medicines

are more specifically adapted to these than to other organs.

In the early stage of the complaint, while the inflammation is acute, or

sub-acute, the discharge thin or white, _Copaiva_ and _Macrotin_ are to

be given once in 6 hours alternately. During the same time let

injections into the vagina of warm soap and water be used twice a day,

to cleanse the parts of the secretion, followed in half an hour by a

wash of warm water, into which _tr. of Macrotys_ has been put in

proportion of 40 drops to half a pint. The application should be made

with an 8 ounce or at least 6 ounce curved pipe syringe, so as to throw

it with considerable force. If there is a burning sensation, use the

washes quite warm, until the heat of the parts is allayed. Avoid the use

of _cold_ injections as long as any inflammation exists. If the bearing

down is present with burning in the parts, _Bell._ is to be used in

rotation with the two former remedies. If the sensation is that of

smarting, _Cantharis_ is to be used in place of Bell.

Where the disease comes on soon after child-birth, _Podophyllin is the

Specific_. It is to be given at the first attenuation three times daily

in half gr. doses of the trituration. In this case let the parts be

freely washed daily with a solution of borax, quite warm. In the

_chronic_ form of the disease, especially where _barrenness_ exists,

_Macrotin_, _Podophyllin_ and _Hydrastin_, given morning, noon and

night, in the order named, will, in nearly all cases, afford relief.

For females who have never borne children, give _Phos. acid_, 2d and

_Eryrgium Aquaticum_ 1, night and morning for a week, and then give them

at the 3d dilution until the symptoms subside. If there are headache and

derangement of the stomach, _Macrotin_ and _Podophyllin_ should be

used, each once a day, between the latter remedies. When the discharge

is colored and the pains darting, cutting or smarting, indicating

ulceration, or if ulceration is discovered by examination, use

_Macrotin_ and _Hydrastin_ internally, injecting the latter upon the

affected parts freely. The ulcerated surfaces should be well washed off

every day with soap and water, or a solution of borax, and the medicine

(_Hydrastin_) in form of infusion, used half an hour after the other

wash. If the neck of the womb looks dark, and is ulcerated, or is hard

and painful to the touch, especially on probing the cavity, _Cornus

Sericea_ must be used both as a wash to the parts, and at the first

dilution internally, using them twice a day. This remedy will often cure

malignant cases.

It takes a long time in some instances to cure a chronic case, but if

persevered in, these remedies will not be likely to fail.[2]

[2] NOTE.--The late Prof. Morrow was remarkably successful, and became

justly celebrated for curing hard cases of Leucorrhoea ulceration and

"Prolapsus uteri."

Almost his entire reliance in their treatment were the _Macrotys_ and

_Caulophyllum_, given internally and by injection upon the parts. He

gave the Macrotys in the form of tincture every day to the extent of

producing specific head symptoms when he discontinued it till the next

day, using the Caulophyllum in the meantime in small doses. He rarely if

ever failed.