Limb Saving A

Sources: Papers On Health

The proper growth of the body in any part depends on

the power furnished by the nervous system and the cells of that part.

This power enables these cells to use the nutritive substance in the

blood for the formation of new tissue. By this process, growth in the

healthy body is continuous through life, replacing equally continuous

waste. But this all depends on a due balance of power in the process.

Suppose one eats more than can be changed into healthy tissue, the food

may all go into blood, but the nervous power of the cells is

insufficient to deal with it. Sluggish living in bad air, tobacco, or

alcoholic drinks, will all cause this. Then some slight wound or bruise

is received, and the overloaded blood fails to act healthfully and heal

this. A sore is formed, most likely somewhere in the foot or leg, and

the limb goes from bad to worse in spite of all efforts, while this

inequality between the blood and the tissues continues. This goes on

perhaps for years, and no effort is made to remedy it. Such a case may

often be very easily cured, even where doctors pronounce it hopeless,

if the patient will submit to proper regimen and treatment. Let the

limb be thoroughly bathed, as far above the knee as possible, with

water as hot as can be borne (see Bathing Feet). Pour into the water

about half-a-pint of strong vinegar. Keep up the heat for an hour.

Repeat three times each day--at 11 a.m., 4 p.m., and at bedtime. Rest

from treatment on the Sabbath. When perspiration follows this bath, dry

the patient all over, and rub with vinegar. Dry this off and rub with

olive oil. Dry again, and put on clothes.

When we have to foment a foot or knee in long heatings or bathings, we

find it well sometimes to cool the lower part of the spinal nerves, and

remove all irritation of them.

Then for diet, let the patient go on good wholesome wheaten biscuits

(see Biscuits and Water) three times a day as food, and pure water,

with no alcohol of any kind, to drink. And let him give up the use of

tobacco entirely. Many times over, when limbs have been condemned by

the medical men, we have seen them saved in this way. We have seen the

same treatment save arms and fingers, reducing them from swollen and

unsightly sores to perfect shape and complete usefulness.