Limbs Inflamed

Sources: Papers On Health

Entirely different treatment from the above is needed

for such a thing as inflammation of the elbow, wrist, shoulder-joint or


Say it is an inflamed elbow that is to be treated. We describe this;

but similar treatment, with very slight variation, such as common sense

will suggest, answers for the other joints.

Have two large plain towels wrung out of cold water, and folded so as

to wrap six ply thick round the elbow. See that the patient is

otherwise warm. Place one of the towels round the joint, and gently

press it (avoiding pain) so as to draw the heat out of every part. When

this is hot substitute the other, and continue with fresh cooling--for

an hour if necessary. The cloth may require to be changed perhaps

thirty times; but the guide to this is furnished by its heating. When

hot, change it. This may be repeated frequently, until the inflammation

is subdued.