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Medical Articles

Hurry, Worry, And Irritability

PROBABLY most people have had the experience of hurry...


If a more malignant form of endocarditis develops on a mild ...

Spatula-protected Method

Safety-pins in children, point upward, when lodged high in t...

To Prevent Itch

A dose of _Sulphur_, or rubbing a little flour of sulphur on ...

Bread Wheaten

In some cases the bran in whole wheaten bread and Saltcoats bi...

Entering The Bronchi

The lip of the bronchoscope should be turned in the directio...

How To Conquer Consumption

Different Forms of Tuberculosis. The terrible disease tubercu...

Hooping Cough

According to my experience, though this disease may not be en...

Putrid Symptoms

Next to those most dangerous forms--most dangerous, because t...

The Muscles

Importance of the Muscles. It wouldn't be of much use to sm...

The Care Of The Heart-pump

The Effect of Work upon the Heart. Whatever else in this body...

Symptomatology And Diagnosis Of Foreign Bodies In The Air And Food Passages

Initial symptoms are choking, gagging, coughing, and wheezing...


VALENTINE GREATRAKES was born at Affane, County of Waterford,...

Rules For Direct Laryngoscopy

1. The laryngoscope must always be held in the left hand, nev...


I shall give a couple of illustrations: In the winter of 1...

Glands Swollen

This is a very common trouble, especially in the young. To res...

Water On The Chest

Sometimes a large watery swelling appears in one part or anoth...

Alkalis (eg Ammonia Soda Or Potash)

Give dilute vinegar, followed by white of egg. ...

Pulmonary Stenosis Pulmonary Obstruction

If stenosis is actually present in this location, the lesion ...

Lues Of The Tracheobronchial Tree

Compared to laryngeal involvement, syphilis of the tracheobr...

List Of Instruments

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

The following list has been compiled as a
convenient basis for equipment, to which such special instruments as
may be needed for special cases can be added from time to time. The
instruments listed are of the author's design.
1 adult's laryngoscope.
1 child's laryngoscope.
1 infant's diagnostic laryngoscope.
1 anterior commissure laryngoscope.
1 bronchoscope, 4 mm. X 30 cm.
1 bronchoscope, 5 mm. X 30 cm.
1 bronchoscope, 7 mm. X 40 cm.
1 bronchoscope, 9 mm. X 40 cm.
1 esophagoscope, 7 mm. X 45 cm.
1 esophagoscope, 10 mm. X 53 cm.
1 esophagoscope, full lumen, 7 mm. X 45 cm.
1 esophagoscope, full lumen, 9 mm. X 45 cm.
1 esophageal speculum, adult.
1 esophageal speculum, child.
1 forward-grasping forceps, delicate, 40 cm.
1 forward-grasping forceps, regular, 50 cm.
1 forward-grasping forceps, regular, 60 cm.
1 side-grasping forceps, delicate, 40 cm.
1 side-grasping forceps, regular, 50 cm.
1 side-grasping forceps, regular, 60 cm.
1 rotation forceps, delicate, 40 cm.
1 rotation forceps, regular, 50 cm.
1 rotation forceps, regular, 60 cm.
1 laryngeal alligator forceps.
1 laryngeal papilloma forceps.
10 esophageal bougies, Nos. 8 to 17 French (larger sizes to No. 36
may be added).
1 special measuring rule.
6 light sponge carriers.
1 aspirator with double tube for minus and plus pressure.
2 endoscopic aspirating tubes 30 and 50 cm.
1 half curved hook, 60 cm.
1 triple circuit bronchoscopy battery.
6 rubber covered conducting cords for battery.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 4.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 5.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 7.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 10.
1 bite block, 1 adult.
1 bite block, child.
2 dozen extra lamps for lighted instruments.
1 extra light carrier for each instrument.*
4 yards of pipe-cleaning, worsted-covered wire.

[* Messrs. George P. Pilling and Sons who are now making these
instruments supply an extra light carrier and 2 extra lamps with each

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