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Rotation Forceps

It is sometimes desired to make traction on an irregularly s...


Many valuable lives have been saved by an elementary knowledge...

Causes And Dangers Of Polluted Water

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Lancing Swellings

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Head Massaging The

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Flour, And Other Matters Relating To Seeds

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The Temperature Of The Room However Should Be A Few Degrees

higher than in scarlatina, as none of these other eruptive dise...


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Hepar Sulphur

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Stokes Adams Treatment

The treatment of true Stokes-Adams disease is unsuccessful. I...

Douche Cold

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Diet And Corpulence

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Deformities Of The Urinary Bladder The Operations Of Sounding For Stone Of Catheterism And Of Puncturing The Bladder Above The Pubes

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Animal Magnetism

Although curative attributes were ascribed to the magnet in...

Remedial Virtues Ascribed To Relics

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Breath And The Heart

Stout people are usually more or less "scant of breath." Accum...

List Of Instruments

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

The following list has been compiled as a
convenient basis for equipment, to which such special instruments as
may be needed for special cases can be added from time to time. The
instruments listed are of the author's design.
1 adult's laryngoscope.
1 child's laryngoscope.
1 infant's diagnostic laryngoscope.
1 anterior commissure laryngoscope.
1 bronchoscope, 4 mm. X 30 cm.
1 bronchoscope, 5 mm. X 30 cm.
1 bronchoscope, 7 mm. X 40 cm.
1 bronchoscope, 9 mm. X 40 cm.
1 esophagoscope, 7 mm. X 45 cm.
1 esophagoscope, 10 mm. X 53 cm.
1 esophagoscope, full lumen, 7 mm. X 45 cm.
1 esophagoscope, full lumen, 9 mm. X 45 cm.
1 esophageal speculum, adult.
1 esophageal speculum, child.
1 forward-grasping forceps, delicate, 40 cm.
1 forward-grasping forceps, regular, 50 cm.
1 forward-grasping forceps, regular, 60 cm.
1 side-grasping forceps, delicate, 40 cm.
1 side-grasping forceps, regular, 50 cm.
1 side-grasping forceps, regular, 60 cm.
1 rotation forceps, delicate, 40 cm.
1 rotation forceps, regular, 50 cm.
1 rotation forceps, regular, 60 cm.
1 laryngeal alligator forceps.
1 laryngeal papilloma forceps.
10 esophageal bougies, Nos. 8 to 17 French (larger sizes to No. 36
may be added).
1 special measuring rule.
6 light sponge carriers.
1 aspirator with double tube for minus and plus pressure.
2 endoscopic aspirating tubes 30 and 50 cm.
1 half curved hook, 60 cm.
1 triple circuit bronchoscopy battery.
6 rubber covered conducting cords for battery.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 4.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 5.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 7.
1 box bronchoscopic sponges, size 10.
1 bite block, 1 adult.
1 bite block, child.
2 dozen extra lamps for lighted instruments.
1 extra light carrier for each instrument.*
4 yards of pipe-cleaning, worsted-covered wire.

[* Messrs. George P. Pilling and Sons who are now making these
instruments supply an extra light carrier and 2 extra lamps with each

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