Liver The

Sources: Papers On Health

Where biliousness prevails, without any symptom of real

liver disease, it is well first to look to the state of the stomach and

bowels. Take a teacupful of hot water twenty minutes before meals, and

the liquorice mixture (see Constipation) after meals. Then give a

strong blanket fomentation to the feet and legs for an hour in the

evening. If there be pain or feverish heat in the region of the bowels,

press cold cloths over the painful part while the feet are fomented.

When the liver is really swollen, hardened, or painful, the pulse will

either be quick with feverish symptoms or slow with coldness. If it be

a feverish case, press cold cloths over the liver, changing them when

warm, for an hour: at the same time foment the feet and legs as

directed above. See that there is heat enough to make the patient

comfortable under the cold applications. Inflammation of the liver will

readily yield to this treatment.

When the case is a cold one with slow pulse, use no cold cloths, but

apply fomentations over the liver, as well as to the feet and legs.

Smoking and alcoholic drinks must be entirely given up--these habits

are peculiarly severe on the liver. The treatment will not be likely to

cure in a day or in a week, but patient perseverance with the

fomentations should eventually effect a cure. Too rich food throws a

great strain on the liver, and a plain and spare diet with prolonged

mastication is necessary with above treatment if a cure is to be