Locomotor Ataxia

Sources: Papers On Health

This disease is a most difficult one to deal with,

and any healing is very slow work. Patients past middle life are

specially difficult cases, but we have known cure, or at least great

mitigation in younger persons by the following treatment. Beginning,

say on a Tuesday, let the lower back be well rubbed with hot olive oil,

the patient sitting with the back to the fire, and well covered, except

where being rubbed. Continue this rubbing for half-an-hour and not

longer than three-quarters-of-an-hour. On Wednesday, soap the back well

with soap lather (see) and after the soap rub with oil again. Next

night, rub with acetic acid (Coutts's) full strength, until the skin is

red and smarts moderately. Repeat this on Friday, and on Saturday and

Sabbath do nothing. On Monday rub with acid again, and on Tuesday,

etc., proceed as before. All treatment is best done at night, and the

patient must be kept warm. He should also spend as much time as

possible in the open air.