Lungs Inflammation Of The

Sources: Papers On Health

This is a common trouble in our climate,

and, fortunately, one not difficult to cure if taken in time and

properly treated. It is usually the result of a chill, and is

accompanied with pain and inability to breathe properly, distressing

fever, and often delirium. To begin with, all its evils arise from the

relaxing of the vessels of the lungs, so that these swell, and the

excess of blood causes inflammatory action to supervene. To guard

against it, then, those influences must be avoided which reduce

vitality; where they cannot be avoided, all must be done to counteract

them. Mere exposure to cold or wet, unless accompanied by exhaustion

from hunger, or grief, or other influence of the kind, rarely causes

this trouble.

Where the trouble has set in, the treatment is the same as recommended

above in Lungs, Bleeding from. If the patient be a very strong person,

and the fever very great, the fomentation to the feet may be dispensed

with; but if any uncomfortable coldness is felt, or the patient not

above average strength, it should always be applied. No one who has not

seen it can imagine the magical effect such treatment has. It is

simple, but its efficiency has been demonstrated in a very large number

of cases of cure.