Mammary Abscess

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

(_Ague in the breast--Inflamed breast_.)

This is a disease peculiar to nursing women. The first symptom is a

slight pain or soreness in some part of the "breast," which continues to

increase for a day or two, when a chill, more or less severe, sets in,

followed by high fever and quick pulse, headache and great restlessness.

The gland swells and becomes very painful. This is generally a disease

of rather slow progress, running eight or ten days and sometimes two or

three weeks before abscess forms and "points" to the surface.


_Phosphorus_ is to be taken internally, and the first dilution put in

water, twenty drops to one gill, and applied to the surface by means of

cloths wet in the mixture, as hot as it can be borne, and laid over the

whole breast. If this is done and the medicine given internally every

hour, as early as the first and frequently as late as the second or

third day, it is quite sure to remove the disease and prevent an

abscess. It is best to use it even much later. In fact it often succeeds

as late as the fifth or sixth day, and if it does not prevent the

abscess, it so far palliates the severe symptoms as to render the pain

but slight and keep the patient comfortable.

An application of the Tincture of Cantharides diluted with water and

applied to the breast by cloths wet in it, to the extent of producing

considerable redness and even eruptions, and the second dilution of the

same taken in drop doses every three hours, has proved successful in

subduing the inflammation after _Phos._ had failed, and it was supposed

an abscess would form in spite of any treatment.

I recently succeeded in giving perfect relief with _Apis Mel._

internally, applying it externally after the pain and swelling was very

great. I am of opinion that the _Apis_ is a valuable remedy.

_After abscess forms_ as soon as the pus can be felt at any point, soft

and fluctuating under the skin, _puncture_ and let it out, then poultice

it for a few days until it heals, giving _Phosphorus_ and applying it to

the sore. In _puncturing_, always be _very particular_ to have the

lancet or knife enter so that the edge will look towards the point of

the nipple, so as not to cut _across_ the milk ducts, which all run

toward that point, and if cut off will close up so that the milk which

may be secreted at any future time cannot get out, and swelling, pain

and severe inflammation, abscess and ulceration will be the consequence;

whereas, if the cut is made lengthwise of the ducts, very few, if any

will be cut off, and all future danger will be avoided. Apply an elm

poultice from the beginning to the end of treatment. For malignant

ulcers of the breasts, the _Cornus Sericea_ is a most potent remedy. It

is to be taken internally at the first dilution, and applied in strong

infusion or diluted _Tr._ of the bark to the sore.