Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This is a contagious disease, and always begins with symptoms like a

cold, with high fever, and a severe dry cough, thirst and restlessness.

_Pulsatilla_ is the proper medicine to palliate and regulate the

symptoms. If the fever is high, _Aconite_ should be used every two hours

alternately with _Puls._ Should the eruption subside suddenly, give

_Bryonia_ with _Pulsatilla_ until it reappears.

Let the child drink freely of cold water, and avoid stimulants of every

kind. If the eruption is tardy in its appearance, a hot bath may be

administered, being careful to have the room quite warm, and to rub the

patient dry, very suddenly after the bath. Frictions by the healthy hand

over the surface, will do much towards bringing out measles. After the

eruption is out, quiet, freedom from sudden exposure to cold, cold water

and light diet is all that is necessary. In some of the most obstinate

cases, where the eruptions failed to appear in the proper time, as well

as where they had receded too soon, I have been able to bring them out

in a short time with an infusion of Sassafras root, sweetened and taken

quite warm, in doses of half an ounce in fifteen to thirty minutes. It

is a remedy for measles well worth attention.