Memory Loss Of

Sources: Papers On Health

A more or less complete suspension of this faculty is

a not uncommon form of mental and bodily illness. We do not so much

mean the mere fading of past impressions as the loss of power to recall

them, so that we cannot recall what we wish to remember. This is a

result of any serious bodily weakness. It will come on through any

exhausting exertion, or prolonged and weakening illness. Stomach

disorder will also cause it. In this last case, drinking a little hot

water at intervals will usually put all right. A cup of very strong tea

will so derange the stomach in some cases as to cause temporary

suspension of memory. We mention these cases to prevent overdue alarm

at a perhaps sudden attack. The loss of mental power in such cases does

not always mean anything very serious.

Just as the stomach affects the memory, so also much use of memory and

mental strain tells severely upon the stomach. Digestive failures in

strictly temperate persons often arise from an overstrain of the mind.

We explain these two actions, the one of body on mind, and the other of

mind on body, so that care may be taken, on both sides, of the complex

nature we possess. If this is done, there will be little chance of

memory failing.