Mind In Disease

Sources: Papers On Health

Often a person, because of physical failure, becomes

possessed of an utterly erroneous idea, which no reasoning can change

or remove. Indeed, reasoning in such cases is best avoided. Attention

should rather be directed to the physical cause of the mental state,

with a view to its removal. Very probably you will find there is want

of sleep, with a dry hard state of the skin of the head, and too high

an internal temperature. You may then work wonders by soaping the head

(see Head, Soaping). The back also should be soaped similarly. If too

great a cooling effect is produced by this, wipe off the soap and rub

hot olive oil on the back instead. If this is not sufficient, rub the

limbs also with the hot oil. We have seen the most pronounced insanity

yield to this treatment, where the cause has been physical and not

mental. The secret of success is in so balancing the heat and cooling

applications that the utmost possible soothing can be given without any