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Breath And The Heart

Stout people are usually more or less "scant of breath." Accum...


_Small-pox_, by far the most dangerous of them, has found a b...

Auricular Fibrillation Pathology

Schoenberg [Footnote: Schoenberg: Frankfurt. Ztschr. f. Patho...

Our Relations With Others

EVERY one will admit that our relations to others sho...

Cramp In The Stomach

This very severe trouble, though resisting ordinary methods of...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...


The question of the advisability of strychnin is a constant s...

First Stage

The spatular end of the laryngoscope is introduced in the ri...

Breathing In Going Uphill

See Breath, and Nerve. British Cholera is to a certain ext...

Positive And Negative Manifestations

Acute diseases are to be regarded as electrically positive, a...


This troublesome disease is also known as St. Anthony's Fire, ...

Why Does Mrs Smith Get On My Nerves?

IF you want to know the true answer to this question ...

Punctures Case I

A.B. received a severe punctured wound by a hook of the size ...

Blood Supply Of

To supply good blood in cases where it is lacking, either from...

Why People Get Sick

This is the Theory of Toxemia. A healthy body struggles conti...


In the common form this is purely neuralgic. The nerves are in...

Lues Of The Tracheobronchial Tree

Compared to laryngeal involvement, syphilis of the tracheobr...


It may be proper, in this place, to spend a few words upon el...


The treatment of shock will probably always be unsatisfactory...


The present 100 per cent mortality in cancer of the esophagu...


Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Wide gagging prevents proper exposure of the larynx by
forcing the mandible down on the hyoid bone. The mouth should be
gently opened and a bite block (Fig. 16) inserted between the teeth on
the left side of the patient's mouth, to prevent closing of the jaws
on the delicate bronchoscope or esophagoscope.

[FIG. 16.--Bite block to be inserted between the teeth to prevent
closure of the jaws on the endoscopic tube. This is the
McKee-McCready modification of the Boyce thimble with the omission of
the etherizing tube, which is no longer needed. The block has been
improved by Dr. W. F. Moore of the Bronchoscopic Clinic.]

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