Muscular Action Weak

Sources: Papers On Health

The heart is the most important of all muscles.

Sometimes the action of this is so weak that the pulse in the right

wrist is imperceptible, and that in the left extremely feeble. The

heart may be beating at the usual rate, only its stroke is much too

feeble; and the effects are found in enfeebled life generally,

sometimes shown in fainting fits. If such come on, lay the patient flat

on his back, and if consciousness does not return shortly, apply a hot

FOMENTATION (see) to the spine.

Sometimes this heart weakness is only a part of a general muscular

failure. Muscles elsewhere in the body may even swell and become

painful. If strychnine be prescribed, refuse it. It has only a

temporary power for good, soon passing into a wholly bad effect.

Thoroughly good vapour baths will effect some relief, and may be taken

to begin with. The best remedy is found in gentle rubbing and squeezing

the muscles in every part, specially attending to any that may be

swollen and painful. Squeeze gently the muscular mass, so as to press

the blood out of it. Relax the pressure again so as to admit the blood.

Where no help can be had, we have known a patient so squeeze herself as

to restore action to a useless limb. But of course it is best if it be

well and frequently done, say twice a day, by a really careful operator

who has some idea of anatomy. This may seem a simple remedy, but we

have known two inches added to the length of a shrunken limb by its

means, and the patient restored from apparently hopeless lameness to

fair walking power. See Massage.