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Medical Articles

Common Cramp

Although either the positive or the negative pole, applied to...


The disease known by this name in Canada breaks out in the han...

Internal Relaxation

Pain is often felt in parts of the back or sides which will yi...


Some have a predisposition to this most painful disease, and r...

Artistic Considerations

ALTHOUGH so much time and care are given to the vario...

Apthae - Thrush

This is a disease peculiar to nursing children. The mouth bec...

To Mothers

MOST mothers know that it is better for the baby to p...

Division Of The Process Of The Disease Into Periods

Its course is commonly divided into four distinct periods, vi...

Treatment Of Compression Stenoses Of The Trachea

If the thymus be at fault, rapid amelioration of symptoms fo...

Fever Intermitting

For this the treatment may be given as in gastric fever, and, ...


This trouble appears in two opposite characters. In the one it...


As the patient should have a constant supply of pure air for ...


MICHEL DE NOTREDAME, or NOSTRADAMUS, a celebrated French phys...

Stage 2

Passing the cricopharyngeus is the most difficult part of es...

Consumption Treatment Of

Turning now to the case when consumption has actually shown it...


This is neuralgia in an ischiatic nerve, commonly the great i...


There are two opposite causes of unconsciousness. One is conge...

Cold Cloths

See Towels, Cold Wet. ...

Blood Pressure In Children

May Michael, [Footnote: Michael, May: A Study of Blood Pressu...

Training For Rest

BUT how shall we gain a natural repose? It is absurd ...

Necessity Of Allaying The Heat

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The packs and baths should be continued, even when the patient cannot be
prevailed upon to stay long enough in the packs to perspire. The heat of
the skin and the general inflammatory condition of the whole organism
_must_ be allayed, especially, when there is much _delirium_. In that
case, the patient ought to be kept long enough in the bath to clear off
the head, and care ought to be taken, that he should never stay in the
pack to become much excited.

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