Neck Twisted

Sources: Papers On Health

This arises from the undue contraction of some of the

muscles in the neck. It generally shows itself first in the evening,

after the day's fatigue, and if neglected, or treated with blistering,

iodine, etc., may become a chronic affliction. Yet it is not difficult

to cure by right means. Opium should never be used. We have seen

terrible suffering follow its use. The true cause must be attacked,

which is an undue irritation of the nerve which controls one of the

muscles, so that it contracts and pulls the head away. The nerves of

the muscles which counteract this pull are also probably low in

vitality, so that there is a slackening on one side and a pull on the


First of all, for a cure, there must be rest. Not more than three

hours at a time should be spent in an erect posture, and between each

spell of three hours let one hour be spent lying down. Avoid all

movement while lying, as far as possible. Secondly, soap the back

thoroughly with LATHER (see) at bedtime. Cover the well-lathered skin

with a large, soft cloth, leaving the cloth and lather on all night,

and covering over all with flannel in sufficient quantity to keep the

patient warm. If the spasmodic twitching comes on, apply cold cloths

repeatedly to the back of the neck for an hour in the morning. If this

is felt too cold, apply for a shorter time.

If the neck has become hard and fixed in a wrong position, rub as

recommended in Muscular Action. This treatment has cured many cases.