Nerve Centres Failing

Sources: Papers On Health

Many diseases flow from this cause, but at

present we only consider one. That is where a "numbness" begins to show

itself in fingers and toes, and to creep up the limbs. No time should

be lost in treating such a case. It arises from failure in the spinal

nerves, and these must be nursed into renewed vitality. This will be

greatly helped by wearing over the back next the skin a piece of new

flannel. Rub (see Massage) the back with warm olive oil night and

morning, working especially up and down each side of the spine. Pursue

this rubbing gently but persistently, but do not fatigue the patient,

which may easily be done. Cease rubbing the moment fatigue manifests

itself. Continue this treatment for weeks even, and also treat, as in

next articles, mind as well as body. (See Locomotor Ataxia.)