Sources: Papers On Health

This frequent and distressing trouble is to be traced to

a state of the nervous system in which sensibility has got the upper

hand, and self-control is partly lost. It is difficult accurately and

briefly to describe, but is an easily recognisable state. Firstly,

then, we say this is a physical trouble, and the patient must not be

blamed for it, but encouraged kindly to make every effort of will to

throw it off. A strong will can be cultivated, just as a strong arm, by

exercise. Peaceful thoughts and Christian faith can also be

cultivated, and anxious and disturbing ideas put down. Uniform, steady

conduct on the part of all around is an enormous help to the nervous.

For physical remedies, use no alcoholic drinks. These give temporary

relief, but are fatal in their after effects. To cure nervousness is

impossible unless these are given up. The physical treatment necessary

will be found under Nerves, Shaken, and Nerves, Troubled.