Nettle Rash

Sources: Papers On Health

This is an eruption on the skin, often coming suddenly

and going off again, but sometimes of long standing. It resembles in

appearance the sting of a nettle--hence the name. It is accompanied by

an intolerable itching, and is a very sore trouble where it continues,

or frequently recurs. Its cause is usually defective digestion. We

should not depend on drugs for a cure, but treat first the whole spinal

system. Rub the whole back smartly with vinegar. Wipe this off, and rub

again with gentle pressure and warm olive oil. Put on the soapy cloth

(see Soap) with the lather very finely wrought (see Lather), and

free from excess of moisture. Over this lathered cloth put a good

blanket Fomentation (see), changing it once or twice, so as to keep

up the heat for half-an-hour. When all this is taken off, we should rub

again with vinegar and oil, as at first. If the case is a sudden

attack, we may soak the worst parts of the eruption with weak vinegar;

but if a chronic one, the rash is better left untouched. The treatment

to the spine may be continued daily. If the rash has been irritated

into running, scabby scores by scratching, it may be cleaned with weak

vinegar. A little cream of tartar or powdered rhubarb and carbonate of

soda mixed in equal parts may be taken internally after meals--say

about one-fourth of a teaspoonful in a little water. If this quantity

exercise too great a cooling effect, smaller doses will produce very

good results. Kneipp Linen Underwear will in many cases of such skin

trouble give great relief.