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For slight bruises, such as children frequently get by falling...


If an epidemic prevails in the neighbourhood, or a case occurs...

The Blood Vessels

Where the Body Does its Real Eating. When once the food has b...

Heart Disease In Children And During Pregnancy

A common characteristic in a large proportion of middle-age...


Treat croup, whether membranous or spasmodic, much the same a...

Modifications Of Electricity

In the present stage of electric science, the conviction has ...


Delicacy of touch and manipulation are an absolute necessity...

Vital Forces Animal And Vegetable

Upon these points I must be permitted to offer a few words. ...


In cases not demonstrably tuberculous, hemoptysis may requir...

Deviation Of The Esophagus

Deviation of the esophagus may be marked in the presence of a...


See Breath, and the Heart. ...

Acute Pericarditis

As this inflammation is generally secondary to some other c...

Bronchoscopic And Esophagoscopic Grasping Forceps

are of the tubular type, that is, a stylet carrying the jaws...

Extraction Of Soft Friable Foreign Bodies From The Tracheobronchial Tree

The difficulties here consist in the liability of crushing or...


The following treatment will be found effective to heal less s...


Some general remarks on this important treatment we give here....

Douche Cold

In its most powerful form this is a solid stream of water dire...

Extent Of Electric Agency

When we have settled upon the position that the electricity o...

Punctures Case Iv

The present case is somewhat more severe than those which hav...

Remedy Finding A

It will sometimes occur, in the case of those endeavouring to ...

Neuralgia And Rheumatism Of The Heart

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If neuralgia, use B D current; if rheumatism, use A D. In either
case, treat the heart with P. P., moderate force, placing N. P. at lower
dorsal or upper lumbar vertebrae. Treat five to eight minutes, daily,
until relief is gained.

Rheumatism of the heart may be distinguished from neuralgia by its
occasioning irregularity in the cardiac contractions, commonly a sense
of soreness and pain under pressure by the hand, and often perceptible
enlargement of the organ, which neuralgia does not, and also by its
pains being more constant--less fitful--than those of neuralgia.

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