Nostrils The

Sources: Papers On Health

The disease called Polypus, affecting the mouth or

nostril with growths which are usually removed by force, is one of

those troubles curable by proper use of vinegar or weak acetic acid.

The extraction of the Polypi is painful, and we have ourselves seen

them so completely cured, that it is a pity not to make very widely

known a method of avoiding extraction. A small glass syringe or a

"nasal douche" (rubber is best) should be got, such as may easily be

used for syringing the nostrils, or gums, if the growth be on these.

Syringe the growths well with vinegar or ACETIC ACID (see), so

diluted with water as only very slightly to smart when it is applied.

Use this slightly warm, and force it well up the nostril, so that it

goes even back into the throat. This should be done for a considerable

time: not so as to feel painful, but long enough to produce a decided

effect, which remains on ceasing. Dry the nostrils with a little soft

lint or clean rag, and force in a little fine almond oil. Do all this

twice a day for a fortnight at least. In a bad case, a BRAN POULTICE

(see) may be applied to the back of the head and neck, coming down

over the spine between the shoulders.

Similar growths on other membranes, if accessible, may be cured by acid

in a similar way.

This treatment is excellent for an ordinary cold in the head.