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Medical Articles

Nettle Rash

This is an eruption on the skin, often coming suddenly and goi...


This, in various forms, as brandy, whiskey, rum, wine, cordial...

Difficulties Of Direct Laryngoscopy

The larynx can be directly exposed in any patient whose mout...

Action Balance Of

An excellent guide to the proper treatment of any case is to b...

Second Stage

The spatular end of the laryngoscope should now be tipped ba...


At the outset, it must ever be remembered that this is not a d...

Operating Room

All endoscopic procedures should be performed in a somewhat ...

Inward Rotation Method

When the point is found to be buried in the mucosa, the best...


Lumbago differs from both paralysis and cramp of the lower bac...

Diet For The Lean

To a large extent the preceding article will suggest what is s...

The Surgical Dissection Of The Axillary And Brachial Regions Displaying The Relative Order Of Their Contained Parts

All surgical regions have only artificial boundaries; and the...


They ware in their foreheads scrowles of parchment, wher...


Should be an indication that food in general or some certain k...

On The Unadherent Eschar

The eschar is generally adherent in cases of recent injuries,...

Animal Magnetism

Although curative attributes were ascribed to the magnet in...


WILLIAM LILLY, a famous English astrologer of yeoman ancestry...

The Ear

Structure of the Ear. Next after sight, hearing is our most i...

Wounds Syringing

Very great good can often be done by a little careful syringin...

Rich Foods Brandy Beef-tea Etc

must be avoided. Involuntary starting, and the manifestation...

Cooling In Heating

Often it is difficult to get a sufficient cooling effect by me...

Other Bad Symptoms

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

These symptoms may present themselves with the rash standing out; but
most frequently they occur when there is little or no eruption, or when
it fades, becomes livid, or disappears altogether. A sudden
disappearance of the rash, before the sixth day, commonly increases the
typhoid symptoms, and must be considered a bad omen. Also the invasion
of the larynx, which is happily of rare occurrence, is commonly fatal.

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