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Medical Articles

Butter, Margarine And Fats In General

Recently, enormous propaganda has been generated against eati...

Blood Poisoning

(See Blood, Purifying; Sores). ...

Punctures Case Viii

This case illustrates the mode of treatment by the lunar caus...

Bowels Locking Of

Sometimes when one part of the bowels is much more active than...


After what has been said about the symptoms of scarlatina, it...


Bilateral abductor laryngeal paralysis causes severe stenosi...


If the foreign body completely obstructs a main bronchus, pr...

Housemaid's Knee

To cure a swelling on the knee-joint is, as a rule, easy. Rest...


_This is preaching rebellion!_ I know it is, and it is wit...

One's Self

TO be truly at peace with one's self means rest indeed. Th...

Finding Your Ideal Dietary

Anyone that is genuinely interested in having the best possib...

Water Hot

The frequent prescription in these papers of hot water, to be ...

Mitral Insufficiency: Mitral Regurgitation

This is the most frequent form of valvular disease of the hea...

Acute Pericarditis

As this inflammation is generally secondary to some other c...

Fever Scarlet Or Scarlatina

As a first precaution, when an epidemic of this exists, childr...

Nervous Strain In Pain And Sickness

THERE is no way in which superfluous and dangerous te...

Of Inflammation Of The Knee

Servant women, I suspect from much kneeling in scouring stair...

The Ear

Structure of the Ear. Next after sight, hearing is our most i...


No greater mistake could be made than to curtail the hours of ...

Catarrh Acute

If in the head, treat as prescribed for common colds in the h...

Other Bad Symptoms

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

These symptoms may present themselves with the rash standing out; but
most frequently they occur when there is little or no eruption, or when
it fades, becomes livid, or disappears altogether. A sudden
disappearance of the rash, before the sixth day, commonly increases the
typhoid symptoms, and must be considered a bad omen. Also the invasion
of the larynx, which is happily of rare occurrence, is commonly fatal.

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