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Medical Articles

The Care Of An Invalid

TO take really good care of one who is ill requires n...


As intimated in the preceding paragraph, the diet during end...

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Ulcers Case Xxix

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Blood Supply Of

To supply good blood in cases where it is lacking, either from...


If an attack comes on from sudden cold, take _Aconite_ and _I...

Operating Room

All endoscopic procedures should be performed in a somewhat ...

Functional Hiatal Stenosis Hiatal Esophagismus Phrenospasm Diaphragmatic Pinchcock Stenosis

There is no sphincteric muscular arrangement at the cardiac o...

Our Telephone Exchange And Its Cables

The Brain. We are exceedingly proud of our brain and inclined...

Cancer In Face

Treat as far as possible as recommended for breast cancer. ...

Changing Treatment

To wisely alter and arrange the treatment in any case is of th...

Difficulties In The Introduction Of The Bronchoscope

The beginner may enter the esophagus instead of the trachea:...

Racks From Lifting

See Muscular Pains; Sprains. ...

Children's Sleep

This most important matter of good sleep for the child depends...

Use Of The Long Cord

It is often desirable to bring the entire parts of the patien...

Differential Diagnosis Of Ulcer Of The Esophagus

Simple ulcer requires the exclusion of lues, tuberculosis, e...

Penetrating Projectiles

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Foreign bodies that have penetrated the
chest wall and lodged in the lung may be removed by oral bronchoscopy
if the intruder is not larger than the lumen of the corresponding main
bronchus (see Bibliography, 43)

[FIG. 90.--Schematic illustration of the author's upper-lobe-bronchus
forceps in position grasping a pin in an anteriorly ascending branch
of the upper-lobe bronchus. T, Trachea; UL, upper-lobe bronchus; LB,
left bronchus; SB, stem bronchus. These forceps are made to extend
around 180 degrees.]

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