Poisoning Blood

Sources: Papers On Health

Where this arises from a more or less putrid wound,

what is aimed at in the treatment is to stop the manufacture of the

poison in the wound by cleansing and healing it. This done, the other

symptoms will subside. The wound should be carefully brushed with a

camel's-hair brush and vinegar or dilute ACETIC ACID (see). This

should be followed up with a poultice of boiled potatoes or turnips,

beaten up with the same weak acid. Leave this on all night. Brush again

well with the acid in the morning. In the matter of diet eat what will

produce healthy blood, and by open-air exercise seek the same end. But

the daily brushing and poulticing, or even twice daily if necessary,

will work wonders on the poisoned wound. Care should be taken where any

cut or wound has been made in the flesh, that it is carefully washed,

and any dirt or foreign matter removed. Especially is this to be

attended to if a rusty nail or penknife has inflicted the injury.