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Medical Articles

Bromids And Chloral

If there is much restlessness and the circulation is good, th...

Artistic Considerations

ALTHOUGH so much time and care are given to the vario...


Emetic; keep quiet and darken the room. Chloral or bromide of ...

Positive And Negative Effort

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An ulcer is an "eating sore": that is, a sore containing matte...

Memory Loss Of

A more or less complete suspension of this faculty is a not un...

The Human Comedy

I know most of my readers have been heavily indoctrinated abo...


Often in cases where our treatment fails to cure, the failure ...

Fever At Night

Frequently, in illness, a fever sets in as night approaches, a...

Punctures Case Ix

James Joynes, aged 12, was bitten by an ass, on each side of ...


See Breath, and the Heart. ...

Site Of Lodgement

Almost all foreign bodies are arrested in the cervical esoph...

Ancient Medical Prescriptions

From early times it was a universal custom to place at the ...

Favorable Symptoms

are the following: Absence of internal inflammation; a bright...

The Muscles

Importance of the Muscles. It wouldn't be of much use to sm...

Enemas Cold Water

Prejudice often exists against cold treatment of any kind, but...

Internal Relaxation

Pain is often felt in parts of the back or sides which will yi...

Deviation Of The Esophagus

Deviation of the esophagus may be marked in the presence of a...

From The Hygienic Dictionary 2

Toxemia. [1] "Toxemia is the basic cause of all so-called dise...

Flannel Bands

See Band, Flannel. ...

Preliminary Remarks

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

The author wishes to caution the reader not to rely merely on the forms
of treatment here prescribed, but to study thoroughly the principles
taught in the preceding pages, until he shall have mastered them, and
can judge for himself of the correctness of these prescriptions. It
should be remembered, however, that the diseases here considered are
viewed in their simple or uncomplicated states. Where complications
exist, the treatment must be modified according to the judgment of the

In these instructions, it is always to be understood that the treatment
prescribed is with cords of equal length, except when the long cord
is especially mentioned.

In most of the local diseases here named, particularly those which are
electrically negative, it is desirable to supplement the local
treatment prescribed with occasional general tonic treatment, where,
in the judgment of the practitioner, it can be given without detriment
to the local affection.

In all treatments, the electrodes should be moistened with warm water.

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