The following anecdote was told to myself, a few months after the curious event, by the three witnesses in the case. They were connections of my own, the father was a clergyman of the Anglican Church; he, his wife and their daughter, a girl of... Read more of The Girl In Pink at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational


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_Nux Vomica_ should be used once in about four hours, for twe...


The remedy which has attracted and still attracts in a very h...

Treatment Of Broken Compensation

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Extraction Of Soft Friable Foreign Bodies From The Tracheobronchial Tree

The difficulties here consist in the liability of crushing or...


If an epidemic prevails in the neighbourhood, or a case occurs...


This is substantially the same thing as trismus, except that ...


See Child-bearing. ...

Preliminary Remarks

The author wishes to caution the reader not to rely merely on...


The following are the antidotes and remedies for some of the m...

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An ulcer is an "eating sore": that is, a sore containing matte...

Cold Settled

A cold is often easily overcome. At other times it "sits down,...

Punctures Case Xi

Mrs. G. was bitten by a little dog on forefinger about a fort...

Prolapsus Uteri Falling Of The Womb

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take the B D current, of good medium force, and give general tonic
treatment (see page 95), on alternate days, ten minutes, passing
briefly over the several parts. After this, treat five to eight minutes
with uterine electrode, in the manner prescribed for menorrhagia. Then
close the sitting by removing the uterine instrument, substituting the
sponge-cup as P. P., and treating with it externally, about five
minutes, over the pelvic region, while N. P. is stationed on the spine,
at the first or second dorsal vertebra.

On the intervening days, treat only with the uterine electrode, as
above prescribed.

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