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Raw Food Healing Diets

Next in declining order of healing effectiveness is what I ca...

Foreign Bodies In The Bronchi For Prolonged Periods

The sojourn of an inorganic foreign body in the bronchus for ...

Hip-joint Disease

Thorough heating, with moist heat is the best treatment for th...

Scald Head

of children, where there is a discharge of yellow and watery ...

More Facts!

I have been treating several hundred cases of eruptive fevers...

Acute Stenosis Of The Larynx

Etiology.--Causes of a relatively sudden narrowing of the lum...

Imaginary Troubles

These are of two kinds, the one purely imaginary, the other wh...

Testing For Electric Defects

These tests should be made beforehand; not when about to com...

Leucorrhea Whites

Take A D current, very mild force. Introduce the vaginal elec...


If one put into his mouth nothing but food, foreign body acc...

Cayenne And Mustard

Mustard spread on a cold towel and applied to the spine or lum...

Technic Of Laryngeal Operations

Preparation of the patient and anesthesia have been mentione...


The medicine for this affection is _Nux vom._, to be taken at...

Cephalagia Headache

1. "Nervous headache." Take the B D current--moderate force. ...

Circulation Of The Blood

Nothing is more important for the health or healing of any org...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...

Eyes Cataract On

This disease has been arrested, and in earlier stages even cur...

During And After Desquamation The Treatment Should Be Continued As

indicated in milder cases, except the throat continue troubleso...


The symptoms of this are cramping pains in the abdomen, witho...

Thumb Bruised And Broken

Frequently a tradesman will strike the thumb or finger a serio...

Punctures Case Ix

Source: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

James Joynes, aged 12, was bitten by an ass, on each side of the
middle finger; the wounds were severe, and almost immediately
followed by swelling and great pain. The lunar caustic was well
applied within half an hour after the accident.

On the succeeding day, the eschar was found to be quite adherent, and
the pain and swelling had subsided.

The eschar separated in about twelve days and the wounds were healed.

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