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Medical Articles

Preventative Fasting

During the years it takes for a body to degenerate enough to ...


Consumption Prevention Of

This most insidious and deadly disease is caused by a tiny veg...

The Need Of Pure Air

Free Air is Pure. As air, in the form of wind, actually sweep...

Bruises Case Xvii

An old man, aged 60, received a bruise upon the occiput from ...


This disease, or its approach, may be known by several signs: ...

Stage 2

Passing the cricopharyngeus is the most difficult part of es...

Children's Healthy Growth

Often either the whole system or some part fails to grow prope...


The abdomen is formed of a series of rings containing the bowe...

White Leg

When a limb becomes swelled and white, pouring hot water very ...

Prognosis And Convalescence

The duration of acute endocarditis varies greatly; it may be ...

Imaginary Vacations

ONCE a young woman who had very hard work to do day a...

Of Burns

The application of the lunar caustic in recent burns or scald...

Food Combining And "healthfood Junkfood"

This brings us to a topic I call healthfood junkfood. Many pe...

Practice On The Dog

Having mastered the technic of introduction on the cadaver a...

Putrid Symptoms

Next to those most dangerous forms--most dangerous, because t...

Priessnitz's Method The Wet-sheet-pack

a remedy which, alone, is worth the whole antiphlogistic, dia...

Nicotine (tobacco)

Emetic; stimulate and keep warm; keep patient lying down. ...

Painful Menstruation

Elsie was twenty. She came to see me because I had helped Els...

Cures As Self-applied

Often young people in lodgings are in difficulty for want of s...

Punctures Case Ix

Source: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

James Joynes, aged 12, was bitten by an ass, on each side of the
middle finger; the wounds were severe, and almost immediately
followed by swelling and great pain. The lunar caustic was well
applied within half an hour after the accident.

On the succeeding day, the eschar was found to be quite adherent, and
the pain and swelling had subsided.

The eschar separated in about twelve days and the wounds were healed.

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