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Inflammation Of The Lungs - Pneumonia

This disease is often connected with Pleurisy, and consists o...

Lessons From Nutritional Anthropology

The next logical pair of questions are: how healthy could goo...

Medical Amulets

Among the various subjects which belong to the province of ...

Running The Human Automobile

The Body-Automobile. If you were to start to-morrow morning...


We have had so much success in helping the deaf that we feel w...

The Unrelenting Boredom Of Fasting

Then there's the unrelenting boredom of fasting. Most people ...

Punctures Case I

A.B. received a severe punctured wound by a hook of the size ...


It has long been known that altitude increases the heart rate...


Many of the troubles which come in this process arise simply f...

The Religion Of It

THE religion of it is the whole of it. "All religion ...

Chronic Back Pain

Barry was a carpenter who couldn't afford to lose work becaus...

Bile Black

For this take two tablespoonfuls of hot water every five minut...


HOW to live at peace with others is a problem which, if pract...

Nervous Strain In The Emotions

THE most intense suffering which follows a misuse of ...


If an attack comes on from sudden cold, take _Aconite_ and _I...


The destruction of the skin over any painful part, by means of...

Breath And The Skin

The organs of breathing remove much waste from the system, but...


One of the most common causes of hypertension is clue to exce...


This is an affection of the bowels of the nature of diarrhoea,...

Nerves Spinal

The spinal cord is continuous with the back part of the brain....

Rhus Tox

Source: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

applied, with water at the strength of thirty drops of the _tr._ to a
gill, to parts affected with _Rheumatism_, acts very beneficially. It is
also a most valuable application at half the above strength upon parts
affected with Erysipelas, when the surface is swollen, and there are
vessicles filled with fluid like a blister in burns.

It is also useful for sores that exist as the chronic effects of burns
when the proper treatment had not been used in the beginning, and the
healing process was never perfected.

_Rhus Cerate_ is a very useful application to irritable ulcers.

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