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Medical Articles

Diet For A Long, Long Life

Some people not only want to be healthy, but they want to liv...


See Digestion; Nourishment. ...

Penetrating Projectiles

Foreign bodies that have penetrated the chest wall and lodge...


Many of the troubles which come in this process arise simply f...

Fall A

After a fall from a height, where there is no apparent outward...


One of the most notorious charlatans of the eighteenth centur...

Cardiovascular Renal Disease Treatment

While it is urged, in preventing the actual development of th...

Limbs Uncontrollable

This trouble is found in the double form; first, of limbs whic...

Kidney Complaints

See Urinary Troubles. ...

Nostrils The

The disease called Polypus, affecting the mouth or nostril wit...

The Trying Member Of The Family

"TOMMY, don't do that. You know it annoys your grandf...

Length Of Pack Perspiration

To make quite sure of the reaction, the single sheet may be t...

Cardiac Disease In Pregnancy

It is so serious a thing for a woman with valvular lesion or ...

How To Sew Easily

IT is a common saying that we should let our heads sa...


acts very beneficially when applied to the surface where ther...

Constipation Of Bowels

This disease may proceed from either a negative condition--a ...


ADOPTING the phrase of our forefathers, with all its ...

Housemaid's Knee

To cure a swelling on the knee-joint is, as a rule, easy. Rest...

Favorable Symptoms

are the following: Absence of internal inflammation; a bright...


Where the juices and organs of the body are thoroughly healthy,...

Rhus Tox

Source: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

applied, with water at the strength of thirty drops of the _tr._ to a
gill, to parts affected with _Rheumatism_, acts very beneficially. It is
also a most valuable application at half the above strength upon parts
affected with Erysipelas, when the surface is swollen, and there are
vessicles filled with fluid like a blister in burns.

It is also useful for sores that exist as the chronic effects of burns
when the proper treatment had not been used in the beginning, and the
healing process was never perfected.

_Rhus Cerate_ is a very useful application to irritable ulcers.

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