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must be avoided.

Involuntary starting, and the manifestation of great fear on waking out

of sleep, frequently arise from irritation of the spine during

teething. The cold compress applied along the spine when the child is

warm in bed will relieve this. It may be applied (see Towels, Cold)

twice or thrice a day. If the feet are cold, these may be fomented at

the same time. If the head is cold, it may be fomented also. If it is

hot, cool it. This treatment relieves the irritation of the mouth, as

well as removes the starting. If both head and feet are hot, then you

need only cool the spine.

In all cases, common sense must be used, but we think we have given

sufficient indication of principles to enable a thoughtful nurse or

mother to treat successfully almost any case. Where very cold cloths on

application cause shivering and crying, either use tepid cloths,

slightly cooler than the skin, or warm the surface of the cold folded

cloth by holding for a short time to a fire, and then apply to the

patient. The warm surface thus first touches the skin, and afterwards

the cold in the body of the cloth penetrates gradually.

Temperature (see Heat, Internal).