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Medical Articles


has great power as a local remedy in _Erysipelas_, to be appl...

Memory Loss Of

A more or less complete suspension of this faculty is a not un...

Heat Internal

There is a usual (normal) temperature in all the blood and tis...


The following are the antidotes and remedies for some of the m...

General Principles Of Position

As will be seen in Fig. 47 the trachea and esophagus are not...

Potato The

The proper cooking of this root is so important for health, ow...


The medicine for this affection is _Nux vom._, to be taken at...

Blood Poisoning

(See Blood, Purifying; Sores). ...

Head Skin Of The

The nerves of sensibility are very largely supplied to the ski...


If the bowels are known to be in excellent condition and not ...

Punctures Case Iv

The present case is somewhat more severe than those which hav...

Bronchoscopic Oxygen Insufflation

Bronchoscopic oxygen insufflation is a life-saving measure eq...


This trouble appears in two opposite characters. In the one it...

Tests Of Heart Strength

If both systolic and diastolic blood pressure are taken, and ...

Extraction Of Open Safety-pins From The Esophagus

An open safety pin with the point down offers no particular ...

Acute Stenosis Of The Larynx

Etiology.--Causes of a relatively sudden narrowing of the lum...

Acquiring Skill

Endoscopic ability cannot be bought with the instruments. As ...

Treatment Of The Violent Or Sthenic Form Of Scarlatina Anginosa

The _violent_, or _sthenic form_ of scarlatina anginosa becom...

Children's Deformed Feet

See Club Foot. ...

Chest Protectors

These are often piled on the front of the body, while the far ...

Scarlatina Miliaris

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Sometimes the red patches of the rash are covered with small vesicles of
the size of mustard-seed, which either dry up or discharge a watery
liquid, leaving thin white scurfs, that come away with the cuticle
during desquamation. Although this form, called _scarlatina miliaris_,
being the result of exudation from the capillary vessels, shows an
intensely inflamed state of the skin, its course is usually mild and its
issue favorable; because the morbid poison comes readily to the

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