Sources: Papers On Health

Though not often fatal, this illness gives serious trouble.

Its outstanding feature is a rash which comes out as a more or less

regular belt round the body, or over one shoulder. The rash forms, if

allowed to go on, into blackish scabs, and is accompanied in some

instances by severe pains shooting through the body. It arises from a

failure of the digestive system, therefore the stomach must be as

little taxed as possible. Let hot water be sipped in teaspoonfuls for

half-an-hour at a time, several times a day. For external treatment,

wring a small sheet out of cold water and vinegar, and pack the whole

trunk of the patient in this for half-an-hour. Do not use olive oil.

The vinegar packing may be renewed in an hour, and as often as the

patient feels it agreeable. The mixture of vinegar and water must be

weak enough not to be painful on the skin. If the pains in the body

persist, then cold cloths may be applied, not very large at first, to

the spine, while the patient is warm in bed. Should the feet be cold,

this cooling of the spine must not be done until they are wrapped in a

hot fomentation up to the knees. If the scabby eruption is very

obstinate, the SOAPY BLANKET (see) applied daily for two or three

days should clear it away. Wheaten porridge, gruel, and milk diet is

best. A drink may be made of hot water and lemon juice, with five or

six drops of tincture of cayenne added to a tumblerful, and sweetened

to taste. See Drinks.