Skin Care Of

Sources: Papers On Health

Among the vast majority of people air and water far too

seldom touch the skin. Want of water makes it unclean, and want of

water and air make it slow in reaction. Now, a healthy skin is of the

utmost value when one is attacked by disease. It can regulate the

temperature of the various organs, and the application of heat or cold

to it will cause a reaction at once. Much of our treatment as given in

this book is directed towards stimulating the action of the skin. It is

obvious that in health as in disease the skin can and does so act on

the internal organs.

It should be the aim of everyone that this most important part of the

body should receive careful attention by a strict watch on the diet, by

cleanliness, tonic water baths (cold, tepid, shower, as may be found to

suit), and by tonic air baths. Light clothing and porous underwear will

also be found of use. We have already drawn attention to the value of

Kneipp linen as the most suitable form of underwear (see).