Spinal Congestion

Sources: Papers On Health

In some cases of this trouble the symptoms are very

alarming, consisting in violent convulsive movements, which seem

altogether beyond the possibility of relief. It is something to know

that these terrible kickings and strugglings arise from simply an

accumulation of blood in the vessels of the spinal cord, irritating it

violently, as an electric current might do. Sedatives and narcotics

will be useless. Leeches applied to the spine will sometimes cure by

withdrawing the blood from it, though such treatment leaves no bracing

and strengthening effect, but the very opposite. Use the cold towel,

wrung out and placed along the spine, together with a hot blanket

FOMENTATION (see) to the feet and legs, up over the knees. The

patient must be gently held still, as far as possible, so that the

treatment may be applied. The applications will not be at once

successful, but after an hour's work something like permanent relief

should come. Above all, the nurse must keep cool and calm in mind and

manner. There is no need for hysterics, and any excitable person should

be kept out of the sick-room. If the skin of the back has been broken

by blistering or any such treatment, a fine lather (see Lather; Soap)

should be spread over all the back, and on this a soft cloth. Above

this the cold towels may be safely and comfortably applied. It will do

no harm if the treatment be continued for even two or three hours.